BCR: Economy will return to positive trend in 2010

The analysts of Romania’s Central Bank, BCR, believe that the Romanian economy will return to an upward trend, in 2010, but they revised downward the previous prognostications regarding the economic recession.

The chief economist of BCR Lucian Anghel presented on Friday an analysis of the macroeconomic indicators until 2011, with a contraction of the Romanian economy.

„Our new prognosis of fall of the economy should return to a positive territory, with a slight decrease of 0.2 percent, ” said Anghel.
„Our new prognosis, of fall of the economy by eight percent, is slightly under the level of 8.5 percent calculated for the second quarter.

„I believe this is an effect which will be dissipated gradually, so that for the last quarter of this year we will have better data,” said Anghel.
For the end of the year, BCR forecasts a level of the rate of exchange of 4.2 lei for an euro.


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