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MEP Stolojan proposes Romania to have two or three candidates for EU Commissioner

First vice-president of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) and MEP Theodor Stolojan said it was important that Romania should present two or three candidates for European Commissioner, the portfolios in view being the agriculture, the regional development and the transport.

‘Romania should prepare not only one candidate for the EU Commissioner’s position. We are interested in several portfolios, at the EU Commission level, namely the agriculture, the transportation and the regional development.

What Romania has to do is it should have not only one single candidate, but several, which, through their experience and the field they have worked in, should present the best qualifications for an important portfolio,’ the Ziarul financiar daily quotes Stolojan as saying.

The PD-L official stressed that the topic of appointing a candidate for the EU Commissioner had not been approached yet, at the level of the ruling coalition.

Stolojan insisted it was important that our country should prepare several variants for the EU Commissioner post, depending on the portfolio we are to receive, as a result of the negotiations to be held at the EU Commission level.

‘Important is we should present two-three candidates, and have a preference, of course, and contingent on the developments, because EU Commission’s president Manuel Durao Barroso has his restraints, he may not do just anything he wants, or a single country, ‘ Stolojan explained.

When asked whether the PD-L had prepared a couple of names, Stolojan answered: ‘We have, and so does the (Social Democratic Party) PSD. Important is we should support the same candidate, and I don’t want to give any name, before we agree at the level of the ruling coalition’.


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