PM Emil Boc: Government will assume responsibility for single salary law

The last stage before the endorsement of the single salary law is the Government assuming responsibility for it this September, PM Emil Boc told Radio Romania on Friday.

„Procedures will end this September when we will take responsibility for this law. We have decided not to postpone it anymore. We will discuss with the social partners on Tuesday to present them the conclusions of the Labour and Finance ministries’ reports,” Boc said.

Boc emphasized the fact that this new law will not trigger any cuts in salaries of teachers and physicians.
Boc added that, by 2015, small salaries will rise while big salaries will stagnate so as the 1/15 ratio (against the current 1/75) be attained.


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  1. AlexMcNeil spune

    About time, then we’ll start seeing some real high salaries coming out of Romania. It’s looking good so far. When the Law is adopted things should start really start changing on the salary side.

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