President Basescu: Local autonomy unaffected by cost standards imposition

While on a visit on Friday to Botosani County (Romania northeast), President Traian Basescu on Friday asked local mayors to reduce all local budget expenditures, staff outlays in particular.

The head of the state underscored the need for imposing cost standard costs on local governments that should make the criterion for setting the maximum number of hired staff.

„Optimization must also be set in place with public local administration, therefore, we must have cost standards. The Government’s approach of this issue links the number of staff to the size of the population.

There are counties, municipalities, communities where the organization schemes have been abused. For instance, there are communities with 5,000 inhabitants, such as Radauti Prut, with 9 or 12 employees at the local administration who handle all services perfectly well.

But go to, say community X, and you’ll find 96 clerks filling the scheme, because the mayors have hired their friends and relatives,” said Traian Basescu.

The President stressed that the imposition of cost standards cost will not affect local autonomy, but will sort out the financial problems of local authorities, which very often turn to the state budget to cover their expenses.

„We must become rational in public money spending by the central and local administration. We have no other solution to develop but by wisely tailoring our own resources,” said Traian Basescu.

At the end of July, Prime Minister Emil Boc instructed the competent ministries to establish until September 15 cost standards for the public administration, the levels of staff expenditure and the number of employees considered optimal for functioning.

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