Romanian Army buys more from foreign companies

Romanian Ministry of National Defence (MapN) will acquire in 2009 most of the weapons and ammunition it needs from foreign companies and not from the local ones, MApN informed in a release.

According to the MApN, the body will pay in 2009 292 million (without VAT) to foreign companies and 194 million, without VAT, to local companies, with the money to come from the state budget.

Referring to the quality of the weapons and ammunition produced in Romania, MApN said that it does meet the required standards, with the local industry having adapted its production to the NATO requirements.

‘From the quality viewpoint, the weapons and ammunitions produced by local companies meet the required standards. The local industry has begun to produce a series of ammunition types for infantry adapted to the NATO requirements,’ the MApN said.

The categories of equipment the Romanian Army acquires from the Romanian producers are communication systems, parachute systems, automatic weapons, different calibers of cartridges and manoeuvre ammunitions for artillery.

MApN made all these specifications for Agerpres, in the context trade unions in the national defence industry, under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy, have organized rallies of protest meant to save the industry from the current difficult situation, with only low orders having been recorded on the Romanian market.

‘Ministry of Finance didn’t ever give money stipulated in the normative acts and restructuring programme to maintain the capacities and military stocks during peace time, with this being the main cause of the bankruptcy of most of the weapon companies,’ reads a release of the Federation of Defence Trade Unions ‘Unirea’ on August 11.

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