Traian Basescu: We need to turn our interest to agriculture

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Thursday, August 20, on the occasion of a visit he paid to the eastern county of Vaslui, stated that Romania should become again more interested in agriculture, with this being the true engine of the country’s economy.

‘Romania has an agricultural potential to feed 80 million people. Unfortunately, we are currently importing 70 percent of our food, although we only have a population of 22 million.

That’s why, we should focus more on agriculture and our medium-term strategy should be to feed the 22 million first, with the long-strategy to be to export to other 60 million people,’ the head of the Romanian state said.
While visiting the Tarzii farm in Vaslui, Traian Basescu added that the tourism too should be exploited more, as a vital field for Romania.

‘I do not know when Renault decides to leave Romania for another country, or Nokia to look for cheaper workforce elsewhere, but God is my witness I hope they will stay here for a long time.

Nevertheless, the land, the mountains and the sea cannot be exported. They have been ours for thousands of years and they will remain ours forever,’ the head of the state said.
Traian Basescu paid a visit to Vaslui, occasion on which he met the farmers from several counties in the eastern Moldova region.

He told them ever since the beginning that he was no specialist in agriculture and thus not able to offer them solutions, but he only wanted to hear what are their problems and to notify them to the Government.

In 2007, the general manager of Racova Corn Agro Pan Adrian Porumboiu inaugurated the Tarazii farm, one of the most modern cow farms in Romania, fully meeting European standards.
The value of the project stood at 3.7 million euros, with non-reimbursable funds from SAPARD accounting for 1 million.

The project to modernize the Tarzii farm meant the rehabilitation of the buildings, the upgrading of the zootechnical systems and acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment. The investments resulted in a better quality of the products and higher production.

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