Videanu: No transaction was made in the Defence Industry

Ministry of Economy, Adriean Videanu said on Friday in Petrosani (southern Romania) that no transaction has been made through the company in which shareholders are the daughter of a general manager of the ministry, a retired general and Mircea Basescu, brother of the head of the state, stressing at the same time that he did not have many information on this issue.

I don’t have much information, therefore, allow me not to comment. What I can tell you is that no transaction has been made not even an intention of transaction in the defence industry,’ said the Economy Ministry.

As for the head of the General Department of Defence Industry with the Economy Ministry, Aurel Cazacu, minister Videanu said that on Friday, the minister’s control body will make an analysis on this issue.

‘Tomorrow (Saturday) I will have the report on my desk and I will be able to give an answer,’ said economy minister stressing that if need be sanctions will be given in this case.

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