Boc: First House programme has turned into first 1,000 houses

The First House programme has turned into the first 1,000 already sold houses, Prime Minister Emil Boc said in this city 60 km north of Bucharest on Saturday.

„Yesterday I learnt that the First House programme turned into the first 1,000 houses already sold less than a month since the programme started, since the methodological norms were worked out by the banks”, Boc said.

He stressed that another sector of the national economy – the construction sector – is thus unblocked and jobs are kept, „giving the possibility to those who have been paying rent so far to go to the bank and pay the instalment and to own a house”.

The prime minister added that „things are again going to the right direction in this area and the unemployment rate is being kept under control, for the moment, at 6.3 percent, which is one of the lowest in the European Union”.

„If we pursue the state reform as we began it I am certain that starting next year we are going to see financial resources for the country’s modernization, because today, unfortunately, a lot of public resources, money from the Romanians’ pocket, are illogically spent on governmental structures, such as the agencies we are going to restructure”, he said.

Boc stressed the apparatus operating in the local administrations will also be restructured, „in other words we’ll make a reform of the state”.

„This means to spend no more than we should on each sector: on education, health care, public order, infrastructure, local administration, governmental agencies, ministries, the government’s structures, i.e. as much as they are used”, the prime minister said.


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