Boc: Transport ministry to get 125 mln euros for infrastructure works on budget revision

The Transport Ministry will get more than 125 million euros when the budget is revised, in order to allow it to continue the infrastructure works, Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Saturday while visiting the construction works on a motorway to link Bucharest to Ploiesti (60 km north of the capital).
Boc explained that the completion of the infrastructure works will be a priority when the budget is revised.

‘The Transport Ministry will get over 125 million euros to continue the major infrastructure works this year’, he announced.
He cited the Bucharest-Ploiesti motorway, the Transilvania motorway linking the central Brasov to the western Bors checkpoint, the Ploiesti ring road and Arad-Timisoara motorway in western Romania.

Boc said the Transport Ministry is the only ministry having managed to invest the public money in the best possible way in the investment works.
He added the government had invested four billion euros in infrastructure works by the end of July.

‘This amount, which means Romania’s expenditure on infrastructure, accounts for 45 percent of Romania’s investment plan in 2009. The Transport Ministry has achieved 50 percent of the investment’, Boc said, adding this percentage had taken into account, among others, the constraints of the loan from the International Monetary Fund.

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