Geoana: Romania’s recovery depends on current government’s answer

Romania’s economic recovery depends on the current government’s answer, leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD, a ruling co-partner) Mircea Geoana said in this western Romanian city on Saturday.

‘If we sit and fail to do things that are really efficient for the economy, the crisis will take longer and it will be costly for us and for the Romanians. If more energetic and more efficient measures are taken, the crisis will last less’, Geoana said.

According to him, prerequisites are being set in the West for its economies to come out of the economic and financial crisis.
‘The powerful Western economies, on which we depend to a certain extent, begin to show signs of recovery.

We are going to see a slower recovery, depending on the quality of government in Romania. At this moment, we are waiting for an answer from the Romanian government’, Geoana said.

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