Liberal leader Antonescu: Basescu has missed education mediator’s role

President Traian Basescu has missed his role of a mediator on the education reform, as he is only concerned with the electoral issues and Prime Minister Emil Boc is at a political impasse, leader of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu told a news conference on Sunday.

According to him, the head of state should have conducted ‘genuine mediation’ on the education reform, ‘that should get all the involved factors to the table’.

He stressed the Liberals will respect the National Education Pact which they signed alongside the other parties and added the PNL is ready to discuss and vote for a set of laws ‘aimed at the reform’ drafted by professionals, to be also debated publicly and in Parliament.

‘The PNL can accept the ideas of the others too, but it cannot accept that Parliament is dead in Romania…
All the important laws – the penal code, the civil code and now the laws on education and the public sector staff’s salary were either passed or are planned to be passed by the government’s assuming responsibility.

If Parliament no longer has any say on fundamental laws that affect large areas of the Romanian society, we can say the state of law is in an all-out crisis’, he said.

As for the setting up by Prime Minister Emil Boc of a commission ‘to link the (Education Minister Ecaterina) Andronescu laws and the laws of (the presidential commission on education headed by Mircea) Miclea’, the Liberal leader said ‘it is the expression of a political impasse he (Boc – editor’s note) is at’.


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