BCR has 1,800 files for „Prima Casa”

BCR, the biggest player in „Prima Casa” (First House) programme, could spend, until the end of the year the entire sum of money of guarantee allocated, worth 308 million euros, but it is not enough for the programme to become an engine of the mortgage credit, said Martin Skopek, the vice-president of the bank, in charge of retail.

In the conditions in which we entered the programme only at the beginning of August, we can say that the process of credit granting has begun well. We have more than 1,800 files in various stages of analysis and we have already given a few tens of loans.

So, we hope that we will spend all the money until the end of the year, ” said Skopek for daily Ziarul Financiar.

Nevertheless, the head of BCR retail does not believe that „Prima Casa” can become the engine of the relaunch of crediting. For that matter, the number of loans that can be given on the basis of the guarantee of the state is small enough.

For an average credit of 43,000 euros, BCR would give less than 7,200 financings.
Without that programme, probably it would have given even less.

Skopek said that starting in Q2, he saw a tendency of rise in the demand for credits, but at much lower speed than a year ago.
„Starting in Q2, we are seeing a clear trend of increase in the demand of mortgage credits, but at a much lower pace than last year.

Due to its trends, the „Prima Casa” programme supports the trend, but it cannot be the engine of growth,” Skopek said.

Compared with the position in the first half of 2008, the market share of BCR in the retail has been eroded, from 21.1 percent to 20.8 percent, from 25.9 percent respectively to 25.2 percent for deposits, although the territorial network has risen by 11 units, up to 652.


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