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Defence intelligence dept says has no information about Desintco firm setting up

The Defence Intelligence General Directorate says it has no information about the setting up of Desintco firm, since the company has never expressed interest to get into commercial or any other kind of relations with the National Defence Ministry.

‘In line with law no. 346/2006 on the Defence Ministry’s organisation and functioning, the Defence Intelligence General Directorate ensures the obtaining, processing, checking, storage and use of the information about the risk factors and the internal and outer threats, either military or non¬military that can affect the national security in the military area;

it coordinates the implementation of the counter-intelligence measures and cooperates with the national intelligence services and with the intelligence structures of the states that are members of the alliances, coalitions and international organisations of which Romania is part and it also ensures the security of the national, NATO and EU classified intelligence in the Defence Ministry.

An economic operator that voices intention to take part in the assignment of economic contracts with the Defence Ministry is verified in line with the laws in force in order to legally obtain the industrial security assent,’ the General Directorate said in a release to Agerpres on Monday.

The Defence Intelligence General Directorate can monitor an economic operator only if its activity could pose risks and threats likely to affect the defence security.
President Traian Basescu’s brother Mircea Basescu holds a 30 percent stake in company Defense, Security and Intelligence CO – Desintco.

Also shareholders in this company are reserve General Ion Eftimie Sandu and Maria Cazacu, the daughter of the former director of the General Directorate of the Defence Industry and Special Problems, Aurel Cazacu who resigned the position on Saturday.

President Basescu’s brother told Agerpres at the end of last week that he had already given up his stake in the company that conducted defence-related activities.

Mircea Basescu said he had signed early on Friday the acts giving up the 30 percent block of shares he had in company Exhibition Aircraft Defense and Security SRL and announced he would explain on Monday the way that he had ended up being a shareholder and administrator in a second company – Defense, Security and Intelligence CO – Desintco alongside the same persons.

According to him, Exhibition Aircraft Defense and Security SRL was not dealing in trade with defence hardware and weapons, but it merely organised defence events, fairs and exhibitions.


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