Gov’t assumes responsibility on set of anti-crisis measures

First vice-president of the Liberal-Democratic Party, PD-L, Adriean Videanu, said, on Monday, at the end of a meeting of the governmental coalition, that the main points of the talks have been the anti-crisis measures agreed by the two political parties for the boosting of the economy, the rise in the budget revenues, the rise in the money liquidity in the banking system and the rationing of the public expenses.

„Following the talks, the steps for the implementation of the measures have been set. Very many of them can be solved by administrative measures at the level of the ministries, part of them by government meetings and part of them will be the topic of assuming responsibility by the Government in Parliament,” said Videanu, with reference to all the 32 measures for the limiting of the effects of the crisis, that have been assumed by PD_L and PSD.

Among the measures that have been agreed, he named the exemption from taxes of the reinvested profit, the support of the production for export by guarantees and counter-guarantees, the improvement in the law of investment, by the reduction of the ceiling included, and the simplification of the legislative procedures, the introduction of the lump-sum tax for activities where the tax evasion is hard to evaluate.

Another measures are the leasing of works in the area of the infrastructure, the extension of the legal framework for the public-private partnership, „as an instrument of boosting the direct foreign investment,” the adoption of the law on fiscal responsibility.

As regards the introduction of cost standards, said Videanu, the level of consultation with the local public administration is to continue, so that, starting from Jan 1, 2010, they can be introduced.

Videanu also said that, on Tuesday, a final decision will be made related to the good use of the award units, „which means an important resource in the consolidated budget.”
„These are the measures which will make the object of assuming the governmental responsibility.

The set of steps proposed has been measured also as regards the aspect of the budget impact and for the year 2009 the enforcement of these measures means a budget effort of almost 248 million lei, but for 2010 we have an additional effort of almost 398 million lei, in the consolidated budget.

Practically, even though these measures need a budget allocation in this period on an average term, they generate effects as regards the revenues within the consolidated budget,” Videanu emphasized.

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