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PSD chief Geoana voicing doubt over PSD being chased out of Gov’t

Chief of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), in the ruling coalition, Mircea Geoana on Monday voiced doubt over PSD being chased from the coalition by the party’s partner Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-l).

Attending a meeting of the PSD National Standing Bureau, Geoana was asked by journalists whether the Democratic Liberal coalition partners have asked the Social Democrats to leave the coalition. ‘That’s a good one,’ said Geoana.

A so-called ‘strategic document of the PSD’ cited by the media, says that PSD is expecting PD-L to win over PSD MPs in order to force PSD out of the coalition and start off ‘ a highly violent offensive’ against the PSD.

The alleged document, which should be discussed by the Standing Bureau of the PSD at its meeting today, says that 18 MPs of the party are planned to be wooed over by the PD-L by September 1.

The document alleges that the attempts to win over MPs would include the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) as well, ‘given that structured talks have been conducted with the opposition Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) and representatives of the national minorities.’ The document also mentions that the PD-L would start off media attacks against the family of PSD chief Mircea Geoana.

Geoana told journalists on Sunday in Constanta that he does not know anything clear about the existence of such an intern document of the PSD that would allege to a strategy meant to counter the possible attempts by the PD-L and President Traian Basescu to denigrate him and determine PSD MPS to switch allegiance.

‘It may probably be about ideas from the electoral campaign strategy of the PSD, and in no way about some extraordinary y document that would require a discussion of the PSD Standing Delegation. On Sunday I was in the country and I do not know anything clear about this matter,’ said PSD chief Geoana.


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