Videanu: Unemployment of 8 percent not worrying, in crisis situation

First-vicepresident of PD-L Adriean Videanu said on Sunday, in Pitesti, north-west of Bucharest, that an employment rate of eight percent, foreseen for the end of this year, cannot be considered worrying, in the conditions of the current economic crisis.

„From my point of view, in a crisis situation, 8 percent is hot high, worrying. In exchange the state will have to come with measures of ensuring the professional reintegration of the unemployed, and with the resuming of the economic growth, Romania has the capacity to absorb the excess of temporary labour.

The situation is transitory, without making the population worry,” Videanu said.
In the opinion of Videanu, this temporary increase of the unemployment rate could also have positive effects, by inducing another view regarding the efficiency at the workplace.

„The existence of an unemployment in reasonable limits can represent an important resource for what means the efficiency of each job. We have to be aware of the fact that a job is not a place where one takes his or her salary from, a workplace is a place one has to produce value from.

We will have to adjust all of us to this situation, and I believe that this period of rise in unemployment will create the premises to think also otherwise,” said the first vice-president of PD-L.


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