Workshop on membrane computing holds 10th edition

The International Workshop on Membrane Computing opened its 10th edition in Curtea de Arges (southern Romania) on Monday, to celebrate a field initiated by Romanian academician Gheorghe Paun in 1998.

Attending this year’s edition are 60 researchers from Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, UK, China, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Ireland.

The agenda of the scientific gathering includes several lectures, with the first to be delivered by Romanian academician Solomon Marcus as well as more than 30 scientific reports, with some of them being theoretical and others relating to the applications of the membrane computing systems in biology, optimization, computer technology and software products.

Membrane computing is a computing model inspired from the live cell biology, a model that has started a branch of the information technology that is studied by hundreds of researchers from tens of countries.

The field of membrane computing was initiated by Romanian mathematician and academician Gheorghe Paun, born in the southern Arges county. The respective models have been named P systems, starting from Paun’s initial.

The next edition of the workshop to be held in Jena, Germany next year will see the event upgraded to the Conference on Membrane Computing, the organizers announced.


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