Charter flights market down 40 pct from 2008

Although a total of 93 weekly charter flights to foreign holiday destinations were scheduled this summer, their number fell amid lackluster demand for holiday packages abroad.

„The total number of holidaymakers who traveled abroad by bus or plane dropped 25 pct from the same period last year.

The number of charter flights decreased against the backdrop of the economic crisis. We witnessed a setback in July and August sales, but this is a year of crisis,” said Traian Badulescu, spokesman for the National Travel Agencies Association (ANAT), cited by daily Ziarul Financiar.

Travel agencies that sell stays in foreign locations adjusted to market conditions by entering alliances or canceling some of the flights on offer, keeping for instance just one out of three or five such flights to a destination.

„Alliances emerged among travel operators who jointly fill a 116 to 200-seat aircraft, depending on the destination,” said Sorin Vaduvoiu, executive director of Perfect Tour travel agency.

The average price for a seat on a charter flight is 300-350 euros.
‘A precise estimation of the air charter market is not possible because no data is available related to the total number of seats,” Vaduvoiu said.

Last year almost 200,000 people flew by charter, said ANAT spokesman Traian Badulescu. Not only travel agencies are at loss, but also the airlines renting out aircraft.

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