Gov’t sets up aeronautics investigation center

The government plans to reorganize the Air Transport Investigation Service into a Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Center (CIAS) that will be responsible to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI).

The center is intended to organize, manage, coordinate, control and carry out technical investigations into civil aviation events with a view to determining the facts, causes and circumstances under which they were produced and will issue flight safety recommendations in line with the legislation on technical inquiries into civil aviation accidents and incidents.

CIAS enjoys decision-making independence towards any juridical structure, regulatory or air safety authority, air carrier, or any party whose interests could pose a conflict with the CIAS tasks.

At the same time, the institution conducts technical investigations independently of any judicial inquiry and does not establish guilt or juridical responsibility.

CIAS is a national body for the technical investigation of serious civil aviation accidents and incidents, which represents MTI in relation with national and international counterpart or relevant bodies acting in this field.

The institution shall be financed from off-budget revenues and state budget earmarks.


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