Mircea Basescu denies all involvement in port operations with weapons

The brother of Romanian president, Mircea Basescu, negated late on Monday, in a statement, any involvement in supposed operations of smuggling with ammunition, through the port of Constanta South – Agigea.

‘As regards the accusations of the past few days, according to which I would be involved in weapons sales or in sales of explosives to terrorist groups, I say that I am not and I have never been involved in trade operations of this kind.

The story written by journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu has no relation with my activity in the Port of Constanta, as a manager of a commercial company, and the storing activity of the containers with merchandise, in transit through the port of Constanta, is made in conformity with the law and under the supervision of the Customs Authority, ‘ said Mircea Basescu.

The brother of president Basescu added that ‘during stationing in the port and the transiting up to the destination, the containers are sealed under customs supervision.

‘Not only me, but all the port operators in the Agigea Free Zone have seen and have known when the ships have been unloaded. They contained ammunition which had come in Romania in order to be destroyed,’ he added.

The containers, of 20 feet, are sealed under customs supervision.’ Not only me, but all the port operators in the Free Zone of Agigea have seen and have known that the ships with ammnition came from Romania, for being destroyed,’ he said.

The containers have been unloaded in the Maersk terminal, which is in the neighbourhood of the factory for processing poultry, whose manager I am. This has been my only link with the case in question.

A strictly visual one,’ stressed Mircea Basescu. He added that during the port operations, the area has been strictly isolated, and full of ‘all sorts of security cordons.’

As for the statement on TV of Mr. Purcarea, the manager of Romagro Cereal S.A., who had said that I would have helped him to unload to ships with ammunition, I can tell you that I have been very much surprised. I couldn’t help him, because we have no unloading tools.

Moreover, the man said that I have helped him with a crane to unload the ships with ammunition, because we do not have unloading tools. But those in the know keep saying that a container is unloaded with special tools at the board of the ships, and not with quay cranes,’ said Mircea Basescu.

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