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Most performing retailer, Cora, sells for 130 million euros, per store

The hypermarket network Cora, held by French-Belgian group Louis Delhaize, made last year average sailes worth 133 million euros per store, the highest in the modern retail, according to data from the Finance Ministry, taken over by daily Ziarul Financiar.

Each sq m brought to the company sales of some 10,000 euros in 2008, while its competitors Carrefour and Real made sales between 7,000 and 9,000 euros per sq mp, according to estimates of daily Ziarul Financiar, on the basis of the results reported by the companies.

Cora went on a strategy differing from that of Carrefour and Real, the retailers that have expanded aggressively in the past years, so that the company currently operates only three hypermarkets, being the smallest network of its kind in number of units.

In exchange, the retailer counted on big areas of sales and on the market in Bucharest, so that the average of the network, of 14,00 sq.m per unit, is two times larger than that of Carrefour.

The unit in Militari, Cora Lujerului, brings the highest sales to the operator and it could be even the most performing hypermarket in the capital city, according to market sources.

„The area surely is the key element in the strategy of a hypermarket network. At the same time, the performance can increase with the area of the store, because a larger sale space allows for more varied varieties, which could attract more customers than a smaller hypermarket,” market sources said.


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