Number of state employees could go down by 150,000 until 2010

The number of employees in the public sector will be in 2010 of 1,244 million people, by 150,000 under the current level, of 1.394 million people, according to the bill of the unitary salary, presented to the social partners at Victoria governmental Palace, by minister of public finance Gheorghe Pogea.

In 2011, the number of public employees will fall to 1.2007 million people, in 2012 to 1.17 million people, read data presented by the MFP official.

From the total number of public employees, 51 percent work in education (407,000 people), 9.8 percent (135,961 people) are civil servants, 9.5 percent are gendarmes and troopers, in the legal system, there work 1.3 percent of the public employees, and those working on a contract represent 28.4 percent.

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