Prime Minister: No pay trimming following passage of uniform wage scheme law

No salary will decrease following the adoption of the Law on the public sector’s uniform pay, Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Tuesday at the beginning of talks with trade unions and employers’ organizations on this legislative act.

According to the Prime Minister, the law will be „correct”, observing the established principles and will introduce fairness in the public sector’s wage system.

No ‘payroll wage’ will decrease following the adoption of the uniform pay law, quite the opposite, the law will operate corrections in the system – until 2015 there will be a fast-paced rise in the wages of those who are now at the pyramid base, whereas those at the top of the pyramid will have their salaries frozen for a given time, until attainment of the 1 to 15 ratio instead of the current 1 to 29.

Growth will be obviously steeper for those who are now at the bottom, whereas growth for those at the top will be halted for equity in the public pay system be achieved this way too,’ said PM Emil Boc.

He underscored that no one joining the system will collect a lower salary than the figure on the payslip of a person that does the same job.

„No one who joins the system, no matter if this is the judiciary or the public order system, will get a lower salary than a peer in office and not only will the planned adjustments sort out the entire pay system in terms of a fair ratio of 1 to 15, but justice will be done also inside various professional structures,’ said the Premier.

Emil Boc said that the new law will set a legislative framework in place that definitely „cannot please everybody’ but that will be ‘fair’.

‘He said that the draft law on the uniform wage scheme is extremely important for Romania and is an integrant of the structural reform of the Romanian state.
„We are now after almost eight months of talks on the uniform wage scheme law.

This is an extremely important legislative project for Romania, that pertains to structural reform of the Romanian state others did not have the courage to tackle for 20 years, be it for the mere reason that today no less than 39 laws regulate the publicly-paid wages.

A major change is that there will no longer be 39 acts, but a single framework law on the public sector pay,’ concluded the Prime Minister, who announced that talks on this law would continue.

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