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PSD asks Premier to intervene in tourism minister case

Social Democratic Party (PSD, a ruling coalition partner) on Monday asked PM Emil Boc to resolve the institutional conflict generated as a result of Tourism Minister Elena Udrea’s conduct at the Parliamentary Committee investigating the Tourism Ministry, said Senator Olguta Vasilescu in the end of the meeting of the PSD National Standing Bureau.

‘We’ve noticed a conflict between the state institutions.
I think it is for the first time in our history after December 1989, when a minister dares to defy Romania’s Parliament, and we ask Premier Emil Boc to resolve this institutional conflict, because we don’t want to get into the situation that, from now on, ministers should be above the law.

As the law reads very clearly, ministers and any persons must be present when summoned to hearings, we believe Elena Udrea must be present when claimed (…). She is a minister who believes herself above the law,’ Sen. Vasilescu said.

Last Thursday, after about half an hour, Tourism Minister Elena Udrea left the hearings at the Parliamentary Committee investigating the expenditures by the Tourism Ministry, saying she would come back only after all those attending the discussion that the media published, and who were after libeling her, would resign.

After the Committee voted the agenda and the hearings had officially begun, Udrea left out without answering questions, and saying she did not recognize the legitimacy of the current composition of the Committee and the five deputies, members of the Committee, should resign from the Parliament.


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