Romanians’ minimum salary to go up to 705 lei in 2010

The minimum salary in the Romanian economy will go up to 705 lei in 2010, from 600 lei at present, said Public Finances Minister Gheorghe Pogea when presenting the social partners the single pay draft law, at the Victoria Palace (Govt hqs).

Pogea stressed that the minimum salary would reach 764 lei in 2011, 845 lei in 2012, 934 lei in 2013, 1,016 in 2014 and 1,100 in 2015.
No public sector employee will get a lower salary in 2010, through the single pay law and the average monthly salary will grow 56 percent by 2015, the minister pointed out.

Romania currently numbers 1.384 million state budget-paid employees, 9.8 percent of them, namely 135,961 people are civil servants, 9.5 percent are gendarmes and military, 1.3 percent work in the judicial system, 28.4 percent are contractual staff (civilians) and 51 percent, i.e. 407,000 people work in the education system.

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