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Unions to table Govt proposals for improvement of single pay law, on Thursday

The trade unions will table the Government several proposals for the improvement of the single pay law’s mechanisms, during a meeting to take place at the Public Finance Ministry (MFP) hqrs, on Thursday, Cartel Alfa trade unions official Bogdan Hossu said on Tuesday.

The current uniform wage draft law for the public sector employees has very many shortcomings in its structure, and September 2 as an unrealistic deadline to pass it, said Hossu.

‘The law must be transparent and include everybody in the sector, and remove special privileges that special laws have generated and they must be mirrored in an unitary law on pay.

Likewise, we hope to persuade the Government that Sept. 2 is an unrealistic deadline to finalize the text of such a law, whose structure currently has very many shortcomings in terms of coefficients and it fails resolving a problem, namely that of establishing the hierarchy, the importance of certain budget-run fields, the relationship between them.

This must be solved through establishing the average temperate coefficient per each public sector institution,’ Hossu explained.
He disagrees with having the salaries frozen in 2010 and believes that the minimum salary in the Romanian economy has to grow rhythmically.

The leaders of the five trade unions confederations, the officials of the employers associations and Governmental officials, on Tuesday, were discussing the last version of the single pay draft law for the public sector employees, after the Governmental officials had been tackling the topic of the salaries for the public sector employees, for five hours, late on Monday.


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