7 million dollars invested in Litro-Rompetrol oil stations on Sun Motorway

The first 2 oil stations under the new Litro brand, belonging to Rompetrol Group, were opened on Tuesday, at km 139 of the Sun Motorway, with the total value of the investment standing at some 7 million dollars.

Until the end of of October, the company announced that it will finalize the building of two more Litro stations, at km 88, with the investment for it being of around 6 million dollars.

Following the finalization of this investment, Rompetrol will set up 74 jobs. „Litro represents the concept of Premium oil station of Rompetrol Group.

The project has been initiated in Aug 2007 and is the result of an intense activity of research and identification of the needs of the customers, but also of the technical solutions linked to it.

It supports the strategy of consolidation and development of the network of oil stations of Rompetrol.
The new Litro stations possess modern equipment of reduction of the consumption of energy, of the emissions of fuel vapour in the atmosphere, as well as additives for the cut in the noxes emissions.

Along with the modern facilities offered by the Rompetrol stations (Fill&Go, Restaurant), Litro offers wireless internet services, with unlimited access, in all the periods of the day. In addition, the oil station located on the route between Bucharest and Constanta also owns a computerized auto laundry, with a recycling unit for water, for the protection of the environment.

The retail division of Rompetrol Downstream Group finalized Jan through April the building of five new oil stations and nine new Rompetrol Express stations, with the total value of the investment exceeding ten million dollars.

Until the end of the year, the company intends to extend the distribution network of fuels, with other 40 Rompetrol Express stations and 25 internal bases.

At the end of June, the distribution network of Rompetrol fuels in Romania included 685 stations, of which 125 own stations, 169 Partner Rompetrol stations, 164 Rompetrol Express ones and 227 internal stations, as well as six deposits, to which 250 distribution stations are added for the auto LPG and over 6,000 points for the sale of gas cylinders.

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