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Crediting frozen

The bankers have put a brake to retail crediting, so that although more customers have been courragous enough in the past few months to get interested in the possibility to take a loan, there are very few who meet all the conditions imposed by banks.

„Many customers who would have succeeded in 2008 to get a loan are no longer qualified because the norms are much stricter now, the accepted degree of indebtness accepted has rise and the conditions regarding the minimum necessary conditions and the term of service differ,” said for daily Ziarul Financiar a credit officer from a Volksbank unit in Bucharest.

The much tougher conditions for the selection of customers, to which added are the much higher interests of the banks, have made the sale of retail credits no longer cover the monthly disbursments.

The lei credit of the population stood at 39.5 billion lei, or 8.1 billion euros) this July, under stagnation compared with last July.
That in hard currency slowed down its growth to four percent, from doublings in the past years, with the balance reaching this July 14.2 billion euros.

The bank has more customers than three months ago. I have each day at least three customers who are interested in credits, but it is only one who takes a credit. Many times the customers are rejected from the scoring, either because of the salary, or because of the age or of the length of service.

Those who pass the scoring receive a credit, but the sum generally is lower than the one required,” said the manager of a subsidiary in Bucharest of Emporki Bank, who spoke on condition of anonymity.


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