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Geoana: Agriculture to have central place in 2010 budget

Agriculture will take a central place in the year 2010 budget as Romania’s strategic development policy, said Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Mircea Geoana, during a meeting with the agricultural producers in Satu Mare County (north-west), on Wednesday.

‘It is clear that, at this moment, Romania’s agriculture needs a radical change. Today we have seen that there is ideal and capability to do quality work.

The problems the farmers have raised today, have been preoccupying us, too and I am positive the agriculture will take a central place in Romania’s strategic development policy, in the budget of the year 2010,’ Geoana said.

He also gave assurances that starting with 2010 the Old Car scrapping scheme will be expanded to tractors and farming machines, in order to support the farmers.

The president of the Northwestern Romanian Agriculture Producers Association Liviu Ciucos told Mircea Geoana that the taxes for the cropland were very high, and the farmers had been facing difficulties in paying them.

The farmers also expressed discontent with the fact that the state subsidies come late, and Geoana assured them that no such problems would come up starting next year

Farmers are also discontent because the diesel oil’s price went up, immediately after they were given the subsidies, while the price for a liter of milk is very low, many farmers choosing to throw the milk away if they fail recouping the production costs.

The Social Democrat official was visiting the cattle farm belonging to the agricultural company Petresti, the milk processing department of the Schwaben Molkerei Factory in Carei municipality, Satu Mare County, on Wednesday.


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