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Madonna to stage her first concert in Romania

Madonna, the queen of pop music, will be staging her first show ever in Romania in the Izvor Park, Bucharest, this evening.
Opening the event will be Paul Oakenfold, one of the world’s famous DJs.

The four-act show – Pimp, Old School, Gypsy and Rave – starts after 21:00, local, and the star and her dance retinue will wear different outfits for each of the acts.

Accompanying Madonna to Bucharest are 1,200 people, including dancers, engineers, instrument players and stylists. Her personal staff consists of 34 people, including two fitness trainers, a therapist, an interior designer and an Italian cook.

The security detail mobilized for the event comprises 1,000 gendarmes, 300 police officers and 400 anti-terror fighters.

In the backstage, a massage hall, a hydro massage cabin and a gym hall will be mounted equipped with gears brought in by Madonna’s team. The artist has asked that the ceiling of the backstage cabins be draped in white silk.

Security promises to be tight because an extremist Palestinian group has issued death threats against Madonna, a follower of the Jewish Cabbala teachings.

Spokesman for the Bucharest Police Christian Ciocan says road traffic will be restricted starting 17:00, local, and public transportation will be suspended. Restrictions will stay in place throughout Thursday morning at 1:00.

He also says there will be some tens of police offices in civilian dress among the spectators. More than 70,000 Romanian fans are expected to attend the concert.


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