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PM, social partners discuss moves to back businesses

The main moves the government wants to promote in order to back businesses were unveiled by Prime Minister Emil Boc during a meeting with the trade unions and employers at the executive’s headquarters on Wednesday.

‘Based on the political decision made inside the ruling coalition, I unveiled the main measures the government plans to promote in the period ahead in order to back the business climate and the economic activity’, Boc said.

He cited among the measures discussed with the social partners the non-taxation of re¬invested profit from Oct. 1, the support for the export-bound production by guarantees and counter-guarantees by means of levers to be put in place together with Eximbank bank, the setting up of a state aid scheme meant to back the SMEs to pay their debts and make investment, the improvement of the investment law by cutting the value of the investment qualified for tax breaks.

Other measures include extending the Old Car scrapping scheme to cover the companies as well from Sept. 1, extending the Old Car scheme to tractors and other farm machines from Jan. 1, 2010, increasing the share capital of the Rural Credit Guarantee Fund, selling the state minority stakes in the State Assets Realization Authority, the Office of State Shareholdings and Industrial Privatisation and in other public administration institutions.

Boc reiterated that the minimum tax will be replaced by the lump sum tax in certain fields of activity from Jan. 1, with the move being aimed to curb tax evasion.

He announced the above-mentioned measures will be discussed with the public finances ministry this week, so that they may be included in the normative acts the government will promote.


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