Wine production of 2009, put at six million hectoliters

The wine production for 2009 is estimated at some six million hectoliters, up some 5-10 percent compared with the average of the past years, according to data announced on Tuesday, Aug 25, by the National Employers’ Association of Vineyards and Wine, PNVV.

„This is mainly due to the particularly good weather conditions for viticulture, with long periods of insolation and enough rainfall, higher than in the previous years, notably in Dobrogea, south-eastern Romania, as well as to the investment of the past few years in the reconversion and restructuring of the grape plantations, with an annual average of re-renewal of some 3,000 ha of vineyards,” reads the release of PNVV, sent by PNVV general manager Ovidiu Gheorghe.

As regards the wine market, PNVV estimates that it will be kept at the level of 2007, with constant growth having been reported in the past few years, a year when the value of the total market stood at some 450 million euros.

According to the data supplied by the members of the employers associations, against the background of the crisis, the Romanians remain traditional consumers of wine and the market does not register major turbulence.

In point of the international trade with wine, for the first five months of the year 2009, compared with the similar period in 2009, the import went down by some 72 percent, from 164,193 hectoliters, to 47,460 hectoliters, and the export registered a fall of 11 percent, from 164 hectoliters to 47,560 hectoliters, and the export reported a fall of 11 percent, from 60,053 hectoliters, to 53,409 hectoliters.

The main markets of destination for the Romanian wine are Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, the Russian Federation, Great Britain, Italy, China and the United States.

Currently Romania holds 200,000 ha of vineyards, negotiated with the European Union, although for the production of high quality wine with controlled origin name and geographic indication, the area does not exceed 50,000 ha.


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