Gov’t adopts minimum decentralized service standards

In a first step towards effective decentralization, the government adopted the minimum quality standards and the minimum cost standards for decentralized public services, Prime Minister Emil Boc announced on Wednesday, August 26, at the end of the government’s meeting.

„There is this draft resolution that will be published tomorrow (on Thursday, Ed. note) in the Official Journal, and which will lay the foundation for the decisions the ministries are to reach in order to exactly establish the quality and cost standards for each separate service,’ said Boc.

According to the PM, such obligations fall on the Ministry of Administration and the Interior (MAI), the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Environment, specifically on „those ministries that run locally assigned services and which will transfer competence to local governments through the process of decentralization.”

For instance, county departments in agriculture will no longer be responsible to the Ministry of Agriculture, but to the County Council, mentioned the Premier.
He said that the ministries are to work out their cost and quality standards until the end of September.

‘The very important decision reached today (on Wednesday – Ed. note) was as follows: we establish the cost standards, we hold a first reading thereof – having Sept. 30 as deadline – after which we devolve to local authorities all these responsibilities and the related structures,” said Boc.

The head of the government said that this measure will balance the system and will bring substantial savings that will be directed towards investments.
PM Boc reminded that decentralization means that the authorities closest to the citizen will be entrusted the right of making decisions on his behalf and into his best interest.

„Decisions that practically concern the most important aspects of the local community should not be reached in Bucharest, because local governments know best how to manage them,” stressed Boc.

The Prime Minister emphasized that no competence will be transferred under the decentralization process without the accompanying transfer of financial resources.

„Therefore, the government’s decision is firm: it is for the first time that we set in place both quality and quantity cost standards for the services the state renders to the citizens,’ said Boc.

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