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Gov’t to promote further measures to improve business milieu

The Romanian Government will promote as series of further measures that will improve the local business environment, including exempting reinvested profit from taxation, assistance for export production and the introduction of the mandatory business tax as from January 1, 2010, Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Wednesday after a Government meeting.

‘At a governmental level, we will promote various measures. They include exempting reinvested profits from taxation, assisting export production, extending guarantees and counter-guarantees from Romania’s Emibank Import-Export Bank.

Likewise, state aid schemes for troubled small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be expanded and the de minimis schemes will be modified under a Government decision to help SMEs make the payments incumbent on them. We will also make a decision regarding the use of guarantee instruments,’ said Boc.

The tractor and farm machinery scrappage programme will be extended as from January 1, 2010 for individuals and from September 1, 2009 for companies, Boc announced.

Agricultural and rural industries will be assisted by increases in guarantee funds. We will improve the law on reducing the size of investment projects qualifying for incentives by lowering the ceiling so that more companies may qualify,’ said Boc.

The prime minister also said that a mandatory business tax will replace the minimum business taxe as from January 1, 2010.
These measures are to be included in a wider draft law that will also include public administration decentralisation as well as quality and cost standards, said Boc.


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