Megashow: Madonna in Bucharest

Songs that made her famous, Gypsy music, dance, spectacular stage appearances, much light and laser works were mixed on Wednesday evening in a Madonna megashow on Wednesday evening in Bucharest, to the delight of nearly 70,000 fans in the Izvor Park.
The Queen of Pop mounted the stage around 21:50, local, nearly one hour after DJ Paul Okanfold finished his recital, to a round of thunderous applause.

The star came riding her famous M-shaped throne, dressed up in a black suit and black boots, kicking off the gig with ‘Candy Shop.’
Madonna hailed Romania and continued her impressive show with ‘Beat Goes on,’ when she also danced and rode a superb white vintage car.

‘Human Nature’ and ‘Vogue’ followed and then the second part of the Queen of Pop’s show, ‘Old School.’
For the second part, Madonna came on stage dressed up in a sports outfit composed of red breaches, a black shirt, leggings and sports shows, bursting with energy as she danced on a DJ table to the beats of ‘Into the groove.’

Madonna also paid homage to Michael Jackson introducing an excerpt of Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ into her ‘Holiday.’ One of her dancers showed up dressed like Jackson and did some famous Jackson dance steps.

She then asked the public if they did their homework and if they are ready for a Spanish lesson, starting off another episode of the show called ‘Gypsy.’ The dancers were dressed up in Gypsy clothing and the star wore a short black dress with pink beads and laces.

The last part of the concert, ‘Rave’, got off to a forceful start with ‘Get Stupid,’ followed by ‘4 Minutes,’ ‘Like a Prayer,’ ‘Ray of Light,’ and ‘Give it 2 Me,’ the last one closing the show.

The next stop on Madonna’s schedule is Sofia, Bulgaria, where she is to stage her show on August 29, while Tel Aviv, Israel, is the last stop with two concerts on September 1 and September 2.

The show in Bucharest is part of the ‘Sticky & Sweeet’ promotional tour for Madonna’s latest album ‘Hard Candy’ that started off in Cardiff, the UK, in August 2008, and has been watched by over 2 million Madonna fans in 58 towns and cities.


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