Mircea Geoana hopes in recovery of Romanian economy after crisis

President of the Social Democratic Party, PSD, at rule, Mircea Geoana, said on Thursday, in front of the few hundreds of employees from Ramira plant, based in Baia Mare, northern Romania, that it is only after the economic crisis ends that Romania will know the direction in which it has to go.

„It is good to know how we re-settle Romania after the economic crisis passes. We have to have very clearly in our mind, the direction we have to go to.

Also none of the states of the world can operate without the industry, agriculture, generally without a well shaped economy.
We have noticed at Ramira, Baia Mare, the interest of the company to make equipment and sub-assemblies for the auto industry.

It is difficult to market these products on the domestic market or to the domestic makers of cars. I hope that together with my colleagues to be able to help the Romanian companies which are making equipment and sub-assemblies for the auto industry to be able to market these products in Romania,” Geoana said.

He stressed, in the talks he has carried out with the workers from the plant of Ramira and with the manager of the factory, the need to invest in the professional training of the people and to find legal ways for cutting the taxes and the charges for those who are hiring young graduates, as well as to create fiscal incentives for the companies intending to keep employed people aged more than 45.

The plant of Ramira Baia Mare was privatized in the year 2000, being an enterprise with hundred percent Romanian capital, specialized in the production of equipment and subassemblies for the auto industry.

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