PSD leader awaits official answer to accusations against President’s brother

Social Democratic Party (PSD) president M ircea Geoana commented on Thursday the news release the Presidential Administration issued saying that ‘over the latest days some politicians and persons associated to them have been carrying out a campaign of systematically discrediting some state-run institutions.’

‘I’ve seen the release reading that this scandal is a deliberate attempt to harm the Romanian State’s prestige. I think the truth is completely opposite, because it is those who get themselves involved in such operations that harm the Romanian state’s prestige,’ the PSD official said referring to the fact that the name of President Basescu’s brother Mircea Basescu was mentioned in several affairs related to the military field.

„The release I’ve read today amounts to ‘the thieves cry ‘stop the thief’. Except what the incumbent President and his brother say, I still wait for an answer to these accusations, on behalf of the Romanian state institutions, an answer having a subject and a predicate.

It is the legal obligation of these institutions,’ said Geoana. He stressed that „a serious suspicion continues hanging over the head of the state, which is harmful.’
In the PSD official’s opinion it is an obligation on behalf of the state institutions to clarify the suspicions as soon as possible.

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