Some 40,000-50,000 public sector staff to be made redundant in 2010

Some 40,000-50,000 public sector staff will be effectively made redundant in 2010, with the remainder up to 150,000 cut positions being vacancies to be ‘frozen’, Cartel Alfa trade unions president Bogdan Hossu said on Thursday.

He added that in the next four years, 2011-201 5, an average 10,000 public sector personnel will be laid off yearly, by retirement included.
The public sector workers will reach 1.244 million in 2010, by 150,000 less than the current 1.394 million persons, according to the draft unitary salary law.

In 2011, the public sector personnel will be cut to 1.207 million, and in 2012 to 1.17 million, show figures made public by the finances ministry officials.

Of the total public sector personnel, 51 percent work in education (407,000 persons), 9.8 percent (135,961 persons) are civil servants, 9.5 percent are gendarmes and military, 1.3 percent work in the judicial system and the contractual staff accounts for 28.4 percent.

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