3 months blocked European funds by Government incompetence

The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR, opposition) senator of Bihor Cseke Attila said on Thursday that the European funds were blocked in March-June period, by the European Commission, because of a normative act on the public acquisitions, for the second time altered by the Romanian Government this year in order to re-comply it with the European Directive.

The UDMR MP condemned the Government’s incompetence which endangers the European non-reimbursable funds’ absorption and specified in a press conference that he would speak directly to the Prime minister to find out what measures the latter has taken against the guilty ones.

„All European projects processed in Romania have been stuck in March-June 2009, bringing Romania and the companies which are developing works with European non-reimbursable funds serious prejudice”, Cseke said.

The senator explained that in March 2009, the Boc Cabinet modified the legislation in the public acquisitions field, by altering the Emergency Ordinance 34 (OUG 34) on 2006 with the OUG 19/2009, whose provisions were flagrantly contradicting the European union’s norms in the field.

After the OUG 19/2009 came into force, on March 12, the European Commission informed the Department for European Affairs with the Boc Cabinet, signaling out that there were significant disagreements among some provisions of this normative act and Directive 2007/66/EC of the European Parliament and the Council, which were triggering the infringement procedure by Romania of the community law.

Cseke says that, instead of discussing and agreeing with the European regulations, the Government has endorsed exactly the law it liked. Through another OUG, 72/2009, the Government had to alter again the OUG 19/2009, whish was found by the EU non-compliant with the European regulations.

According to senator Cseke, the result was that for three months all the European projects for rural and regional development, transports infrastructure, technical assistance, administrative capacity development, medical infrastructure etc. were totally stuck.

„The European Commission informed that (…) all projects proposed to be financed for Romania from the structural funds and technically accepted by the European Commission, currently in the initiation stage of public acquisition procedures are blocked irrespective of their value and activity object”, Cseke quoted from the material adopted by the Government, and counter-signed by several ministers, as well as by the heads of the Department for European Affairs and the National Authority of Public Acquisitions Regulation and Monitoring.

Cseke is also unhappy with the premier Boc’s untruths, who self-praised himself how many European financing projects were submitted under his Cabinet’s mandate, thanks to this team’s so- called „professionalism” and „competence”, while since March 12 until June 23, 2009 meaning for more than three months, Romania has had blocked all its projects from the structural funds.

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