Budget adjustment built on 10-day unpaid leave rebuffed by unions

The budget adjustment relies on the savings generated by the 10-day unpaid leave publicly-paid staff are slated to take, a measure trade unions do not agree with.

Employee organizations are mulling legal action against the government, said president of SedLex union alliance Vasile Marica.

„It is clear that the budget adjustment relies on the savings the 10 days of unpaid leave would generate, although there is no legislation in force for this measure we disapprove of.

I do not see how we could work out this normative act, the Labor Code should be amended,” the union leader declared on Friday at the headquarters of the Public Finance Ministry (MFP).
He mentioned that MFP representatives presented the social partners the adjusted budget and the extra amounts assigned for social security.

There will be a highly flexible approach of the unpaid leave in the pipeline for public servants, as each credit release authority is given free hand to act as it deems in order to ensure the continuity of the institution’s activity, Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea said on Friday after the new meeting with the social partners.

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