Corlatean: A victory of Chisinau democratic forces

The setting up of the new Parliament in Chisinau is an important event, Social Democrat senator and chairman of the Senate’s foreign policy commission, Titus Corlatean told a news conference on Friday.

‘It is an important day in Chisinau and so it must be in the other European capitals too, in Bucharest included. A parliamentary majority has succeeded to name the new leadership of the Republic of Moldova’s Parliament.

It is a victory of the democratic forces and a confirmation, in the Chisinau Parliament, of the decision made by the Moldovan citizens to take the neighbouring brother state on a European route’, Corlatean said.

The Social Democrat (PSD) senator stressed the democratic majority confirmed in the Chis inau law-making body is able to back a pro-European government under the circumstances of a crisis that must be managed by the legitimate institutions fast.

‘The European integration goal must be backed fast and concretely by the European Union member states, first and foremost by Romania, which must be the main partner and advocate of the future integration of the Republic of Moldova.

We hope the Communists Party at the eleventh hour will understand the meaning of the democratic vote given by the Moldovan citizens, will participate and not boycott, will contribute to the stability the country needs, will vote for the presidential candidate proposed by the Alliance for European Integration’, Corlatean said.

He said he can confirm on behalf of the PSD and of the Romanian institutions that there is from Romania and the European partners ‘a substantial support for Chisinau’s democratic and reform processes and the moves to get closer to the EU’.
The Moldovan Parliament on Friday elected Liberal Party leader Mihai Ghimpu as its speaker.


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