Gov’t discusses scaling down pay difference coefficient to 12p

At an informal meeting on Sunday, the Government looked into a proposal by the trade unions that the pay difference coefficient in the public sector be scaled down to 12 points, from 15, as suggested in the latest draft of the pay law in the public sector.

Official sources say such a decision would entail cutting the big wages in the system, including the pay to the President.

The final version of the pay law is expected after a new round of talks between Government and trade unions scheduled for early next week.
Chairman of the Cartel Alfa trade union confederation Bogdan Hossu on Thursday said that the unions want a cut in the 1-to-15-pay difference coefficient in the public system to 1 to 12.

Talks on the uniform pay law for the public employees continued on Sunday at the Cabinet level, with Prime Minister Emil Boc meeting at the Government House some of the ministers who have observations to make about the pay scale so that ‘small corrections’ may be performed in the system.

The Government will assume political responsibility for the pay law, and the procedure is expected top be started off on Wednesday at a Cabinet meeting.


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