Holidays of Romanians, influenced by crisis

The holiday expenses of half of the Romanians have been affected by the financial crisis, during 2009, reads an online opinion poll made by TravelBiz.

According to a press release of TravelBiz, 55.7 percent of the respondents said that, this year, because of the crisis, they have had to renounce their holidays -12.3 percent, or to postpone it for the winter – 4.4 percent, or at least to choose a cheaper destination.

Only 15 percent of the Romanians said they did not feel the financial crisis so far, while 47 percent of those asked mentioned that up until now they succeeded not to diminish their expenses, but, in the period to come, they are sure they will have to renounce some things.

Also, 53 percent of the participants in the opinion poll said that usually, in order to organize their holidays, they call a tourism agency, and 75.76 percent buy the entire package of services.

For 57 percent of those interviewed, the relationship with the tourism agency and the high quality services are the most important criteria at the moment of the selection of the tourism agency.

„Regardless of the period we are crossing, of the world economic crisis or other events, some things will never change – the period of relaxation we need after a year of work or the time spent with the family during the holidays.

Seen by many as an optional expense maybe, the holiday is the time of the year that is most expected by most people,” said the general manager TravelBiz Simona Veteleanu. The poll was conducted July 15- Aug 15.

Travel Biz Romania has been operating on the market of business tourism and organization of events, for more than nine years. The agency holds a top position on this niche, in its portfolio there are important names of national and multinational agencies.

Starting from 2007, the company has developed also the segment of individual tourism, as a tour operator, both on the area of outgoing and on that of incoming, as well as the segment of VIP services.

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