SME ministry draws up new laws to support businesses

The ministry of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), trade and business climate is drawing up new laws to support the businesses that will be presented the government next month, Minister Constantin Nita said at Targu Secuiesc (central Romania) on Friday.

Nita, who attended the opening of the 8th edition of the Enterprisers’ Day, told that his ministry is drafting 6 laws among which the law on holding companies, on lobbying, on the single control registry and the employers’ law, which he said are very important for the improvement of the business climate.

He stressed the government took and will further take other measures to curb the SMEs economic fall.

He cited, among others, such moves announced by the executive as dropping the minimum tax from Jan. 1, 2010, the non-taxation of re-invested profit from this Oct. 1, cutting the time required to access the European funds, keeping the flat tax rate and the Old Car scrapping scheme available both to individuals and companies.

The SME minister urged the businessmen to take advantage of the financial levers offered by the government and the European Union, including the funds for taking part in fairs and exhibitions, where they can make themselves known, can find clients or forge new partnerships.

‘The big problem facing the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs is the lack of the market demand and the lack of crediting’, Nita said, adding that the main ways to get the Romanian economy going again include boosting the domestic consumption and promoting the domestic products on the foreign markets.

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