Ministers to forego 20pc of pay in next four months

Members of the Boc Cabinet on Saturday agreed to voluntarily forego 20 percent of their net pay each month throughout the end of the year, under bona fide declarations.

‘The Government discussed at its Saturday’s meeting a voluntary diminishing by 20 percent of the ministers’ pay and how to implement the measure.

The decision of the Government members is to put into practice the suggestion made by Prime Minister Boc this July that the Government members voluntarily renounce 20 percent of their pay rights in the spirit of rationing public spending,’ Government spokesperson Ioana Muntean said after the meeting.

Muntean also said this initiative should be regarded as a gesture of solidarity in the current hard times.
‘The percentage of 20 percent of the net pay of ministers will be donated under bona fide declarations. All the ministers who attended today’s meeting have signed to the initiative,’ said Muntean.

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