President Basescu attends Days of Aromanian Culture


President Traian Basescu on Sunday attended the 6th edition of the Days of Aromanian Culture Festival hosted by the village of Stejaru, Tulcea County, the President’s Press Office informs in a press release.

Basescu thanked for the invitation and assured the attendees of his full admiration for their power to preserve their culture, songs and their respect to hard working.

He said the history of Aromanians has been written with much pain, as they used to be staunch foes of the late communist regime.
‘You sold your sheep for gold, but the communists confiscated your gold, which turned you into one of fiercest foes of communism,’ he said.

The city of Constanta and the village of Stejaru hosted, August 28-30, the 6th edition of the Days of Aromanian Culture festival.

Attending the events were men of culture, journalists, local administration officials, and officials of NGOs from Romania as well as Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia, all countries with compact Aromanian communities.

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