About 300M euros invested in Electrocentrale Deva

Electrocentrale power station based in Deva (northwest of Bucharest) plans investments worth 295.57 million euros, in the coming three years, Economy Ministry data say.

For re-equipping Unit 4, the Company will invest 98.1 million euros and works will take 34 months, starting in the second quarter of 2009. As much as 67.9 million euros of the total investment represents banking loans and 8.7 million euros is own money.

The equipment costs 21.5 million euros. Once the project completed Electrocentrale Deva is to supply 1,244 GWh, annually.

Likewise, the Company will build an unit to collect and download the cinder and slam, waste caused by ore disintegration. The project is worth 48.7 million euros, 12.4 million representing own money and works are expected to take 32 months.

Electrocentrale Deva will achieve a methane sweetening system, requiring 148.77 million euros, and 10.24 million euros from own funds.
Electrocentrale Deva earned a turnover worth 261.4 million euros, on 2008.

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