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Ex-President Constantinescu wants support group for Liberal leader


Former Romanian President Emil Constantinescu, who now chairs the Romanian Foundation for Democracy, sent an open letter to the civil society on Monday, calling for setting up a group to back opposition Liberal leader Crin Antonescu’s candidacy to the country’s top job in the November elections.

Such a support group should be made up of prominent figures in the fields of science, culture, art, technology, economy and finances.
‘In my opinion, there is now in the political class a worthy candidate: Crin Antonescu.

He can be defined not only by putting him in relation to (incumbent President) Traian Basescu, who now is ‘the big evil’, but also by putting him in relation to the model of a European head of state that Romania needs.

Crin Antonescu is not marked by any of the sins that are widespread in the post- December (1989) political scene’, Constantinescu says in the letter.

He adds the Liberal leader was not part of the Communist nomenklatura or a Communist Party activist and he did not compromise himself either by speaking or writing in favour of the Communist rule, he did not collaborate with the Securitate secret police and ‘he can neither be used nor blackmailed by its people.”

Furthermore, the Liberal leader has never been accused ‘not even jokingly, of corruption, although he had a ministerial responsibility for four years’, ‘he has no shadowy businesses with economic interest groups and he has not become rich by economic activities carried out to the detriment of the time devoted to the public positions’; he has also proved his capabilities of a politician and statesman, the letter adds.

‘He is an educated and fair man, who can speak in a civilised manner and can listen to the opinions of others…
Crin Antonescu asserts himself as a certainty: he has a mature personality, that has proved his abilities as a parliamentarian, minister and head of a party.

Supporting Crin Antonescu does not mean jumping into the unknown, but recognising a constant upward route’, the former president says.
‘The last parliamentary, local and European elections have revealed the society mire…

I am telling those who believe the civil society is doomed to being a mere spectator to the dirty manoeuvring of the Romanian politics that things do not stand that way.

The force of the Romanian civil society managed between 1990-1996 to block Romania’s way to an oligarchic state and to impose – even to the supporters of a sort of perestroika – a genuine pro-European project and it will succeed now too’, he said.

Constantinescu cited such actions that can be taken by the civil society urgently as getting free of the patronizing views of false opinion leaders and of false intellectual landmarks; building an Internet direct communication network between various think-tanks;

monitoring by the academics and the experts in the academic research institutes of the public survey institutes in order to force them to show transparency and professionalism; checking by not compromised NGOs of the lists of signatures in favour of the presidential candidates.


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