Minister Puscas invites academia and civil society to get involved in anti-crisis projects

Head of the Department for European Affairs (DAE), Minister Vasile Puscas on Monday underscored the need for the politicians, the academe and the civil society getting involved in projects to attenuate the effects of the ongoing economic crisis.

In a press release issued by the DAE, Puscas mentions ‘the need for a dialogue and convergence with the suggestions of European political and civic quarters and other European Union member states,’ pointing to the recent release of a document called ‘Europe’s Economic Priorities 2010-2015’ by the Bruegel Dutch think tank.

Puscas also says that the approach of the Belgian think tank should be followed by as many officials of the academe, the civil society and all the business and political players of the country in order to find viable solutions for innovation, economic growth and development.

Puscas says the European Union will have to meet challenges generated by demographic phenomena, climate change and new interdependencies at a global level.

He also shows that a repositioning of the European Union and Romania in the post-crisis context will be required.

‘Repositioning the European Union on the world’s stages, and implicitly repositioning Romania, in the post-crisis context should take into account the European interests, both locally and nationally, and that requires a coherent trajectory of the European institutions, and the direct involvement of the member states, their civil society, NGOs and political as well as economic players,’ says Puscas.

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