Minister Puscas: There should be a debate concerning Romania’s expectations from the EC

Head of the Department for European Affairs (DAE), Minister Vasile Puscas, told a joint hearing of the Romanian Parliament’s committees on foreign affairs on Monday that there should be a debate concerning Romania’s expectations from the European Commission (EC).

He said that Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu will attend a meeting with leaders of the main political parties in the European Parliament in ten days’ time.

‘I believe we should enter this debate, that Romania’s voice should be heard as far as its aspirations are concerned and that our aspirations should be taken into account as long as they are justified,’ said Puscas.

He mentioned the areas he believes are priorities to Romania and the future European Commission, namely promoting the relationship between economy and society; the development of the labour market; investment in infrastructure, with emphasis on invention, research and development;

engaging and supervising the financial market; developing public services; promoting energy policy and energy security; developing a culture of civil rights and a consistent approach of the neighbourhood policy, as well as a comprehensive strategy for external and security policy.

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